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Journal of Defence Management, Social Science & Humanities


Hubungan Kecerdasan Emosi dengan Tekanan Kerja dan Kepuasan Kerja dalam Kalangan Anggota Tentera Darat Malaysia 


The Future Growth for Malaysian Manufacturing Industry an Application of Input – Output Chain Analysis


Royal Malaysian Navy’s Operational Issues, Limitation and Challenges in Safeguarding Malaysia’s Maritime Domain and Resources 


Character Education of TNI in The Frame of Modernization





The Relationship Between Organizational Commitment and Leadership Style Towards Job Performance in Malaysian Army


“One Belt, One Road Initiative”: Effect on Malaysia’s Economy and Regional Policy


Assessing the Mediating Effect of Training Motivation between Training Design and Job Performance


Foreign Body on Right Lateral Border of Tongue That Mimicking Varix: A Case Report





The Relationship Between Task and Contextual Job Performance Among Middle Managers in The Malaysian Army


China’s Hybrid Warfare in the South China Sea