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Journal of Defence Science, Engineering & Technology



In Defence of Breastfeeding: A Key to Food Security and Sustainable Development Goal


Studies in Defense of Societal Anxiety to Electromagnetic Field Radiation from Telco Towers


Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour Regarding Hydration and Fluid Intake Practice among National Defence University of Malaysia Athletes


Defence Against Fire: Technology Acceptance Model of Innovative Grill Ladder for Terrace Houses  


Alternative Materials for Improvement of Mechanical Performance, Thermal Performance and Mass of Pistol Barrel 


Pembangunan Sistem Maklumat Geografi Cawangan Kem Tentera Darat (GEOTD)


Implementation of Modified Booth-Wallace Tree Multiplier in FPGA


Energy Harvesting from Exhaust Waste Heat using Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Modules


Development of Control Design for Tracking Tracking of Underactuated Underwater Vehicle Using Root Locus Technique


A Comparison Study on Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis Features and Functions using SAS Enterprise Miner, Python and R


Maintaining Hydration in Cadet Students: Issues and Guidelines


Recent Achievement on Carbon Nanotube-based Adsorbent for Organophosphorus Pesticides– A Mini Review


Systematic Literature Review: Investigating Susceptibility Factors Involving Private Transport Users to Switch Modes of Transportation


An overview on recent accomplishment of nanocellulose as sensing material in various applications


Joint Segmentation and Registration via Variational Formulation for 2D Mono-modal Images  


An Investigation of Bicycle Chain Lubrication Performance in Rainy Condition


An Integrated Model of Online Users’ Behaviour Towards Image Use In Social Media 





Behaviour of Non Explosive Demolition Agent (NEDA) on Plain Concrete


Review of Medical Image Analyses and its Implementation on Embedded Processors


Development of surface microbial image capturing system (SMICS) for harmful infectious microbe’s detection - stage 1: image processing


Implementing Auto-Enabling and Reporting Module for IOT Based Application of UPNM Data Center 


Construction Organisation Willingness to Adopt Building Information Modelling (BIM) as Design Development Tools


Deep Learning Method for Detection of Malaysian Army No 3 Uniform Images


Blast Response of Underground Structures Subjected to External Explosion – A Review


Impact of nanofillers on dielectric properties of polyurethane elastomers: From synthesis to future prospects


Investigation on Thermal Characteristic of Banana waste/ Wood Sawdust briquette


Antimicrobial Activity and Antibiotic Susceptibility Profiles of Marine Iron Reducing Bacteria (IRB) Isolated from Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan


A Review on Classification Methods for Prediction of Human Emotion through Heart Rate and Eye-Gaze


The Effects of Annealing On Microstructure, Optical and Structural Properties of Bismuth Oxyiodide Thin Films


Preliminary Study: Digital Forensic Process Model for Defence and Security Sectors


General Unreplicated Linear Functional Relationship Model For Circular Variables With Wind Direction Application


Video games and mental health





Defending Against Dengue: A Pilot Study of KAP on Dengue Prevention Among Residents in SS 3 Petaling Jaya


Water Level Smart Monitoring System for Atmospheric Water Generator Tank Using Arduino 


Scuba-diving injuries and underwater hazards: Refresher note for navy personnel


Analysis on three-core lead-sheathed HVAC submarine cable with twisted magnetic armor based on bonding types using Comsol Multiphysics


Flash Flood Prediction in Selangor Using Data Mining Techniques


Sarcoidosis or Cancer


Systematic Literature Review on Cyberbully Coping Strategy Model