The British Intervention Policy in the Malay States: A General Strategic View

Mohd Zaini Salleh, Ahmad Zaidi Sulaiman



Development of Values-Based Performance Indicators for Organisations

Mokhtar Abdullah, Nooreha Husain



Capabilities-Based Planning for Force Development: Issues and Challenges for the Malaysian Armed Forces

S. Ananthan, S. Inderjit



Managing Civil-Military Relations in Counterinsurgency Operations: A Review of the Malaysian Experiences

Ahmad Azan Ridzuan, Zamri Ismail, Juraimy Abdul Kadir



Politeness Strategies in Students’ Written Discourse: Memorandum of Complaint

Asniah Alias



The Minds of Malay Communist Leaders: Rashid Maidin and Abdullah C.D.

Kamaruddin M. Said



ISSN: 2289-6813