Received Article Status Update

International Journal of Defence Science, Engineering & Technology



Aggressive Movement Feature Detection Using Color Based Approach on Thermal Images





Investigation on Spring Characteristics for Small Arm


Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour Regarding Hydration and Fluid Intake Practice among National Defence University of Malaysia Athletes


Development of Wireless Sensor Technologies for Haze Smart Greenhouse


Swarm Intelligence in Computer Network   


Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Antibiotic Use and Misuse Among Students and Staff at a Local University in Malaysia


Optimizing the Mixing Factor Condition of Natural Cellulose/Epoxy Composite by Using Response Surface Method





In Defence of Breastfeeding: A Key to Food Security and Sustainable Development Goals


Studies in Defense of Societal Anxiety to Electromagnetic Field Radiation from Telco Towers


Cube Polygon a New Modified Euler Method to Improve Electric Circuit Efficiency


A Study on Private Browsing in Windows Environment


Recent Advance in Biosensor Approach for Detection of Organophosphates. A Review


The Synergy of Mixed Reality (MR) in Revolutionizing The Future Combat Visualization With GEOVISIONARY (GEO-VIS)


Application of Ultra-High Frequency Antenna for Partial Discharge Detection in Oil-Filled Power-A Review


Path Finding of Static Indoor Mobile Robot via AOR Iterative Method using Harmonic Potentials





Evaluation of Target Tracking Performance For 2 Dof Gun Turret Systems


Estimation of Confidence Interval for a Concentration Parameter in a Linear Functional Relationship Model for Circular Data


Production of Biogas from Cow Dung and Chicken Manure using Yeast as Catalyst





Building Blocks for SoE Attacks


Pemantauan Tahap Hingar semasa Operasi Pesawat Sukhoi di No. 11 Skuadron



A Review and Challenges on Sentiment Analysis Techniques in Student’s Comments Evaluation for Teaching and Learning in Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM)