Received Article Status Update

Journal of Defence Science, Engineering & Technology




In Defence of Breastfeeding: A Key to Food Security and Sustainable Development Goals 


Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour Regarding Hydration and Fluid Intake Practice among National Defence University of Malaysia Athletes


Swarm Intelligence in Computer Network


Sifat Mekanikal Komposit Epoksi Nanozarah Tanah Liat (MMT) Terawat Diperkukuh Cecair Getah Asli Terepoksida


Assessment of Photogrammetric Mapping Accuracy at Hilly Area with Different Flight Altitude using UAV




Studies in Defense of Societal Anxiety to Electromagnetic Field Radiation from Telco Towers


The Synergy of Mixed Reality (MR) in Revolutionizing The Future Combat Visualization With GEOVISIONARY (GEO-VIS)


Defence Against Fire : Technology Acceptance Model of Innovative Grill Ladder For Terrace Houses


Defending Against Dengue : A Pilot Study of KAP on Dengue Prevention Among Residents in SS 3 Petaling Jaya


Vibration Analysis of a Jib Crane using Frame Structures Approach


Enablers for Building Design Outcome with High Maintainability Consideration from Design Engineers Perspectives


Construction Organisation Willingness to Adopt Building Information Modelling (BIM) As Design Development Tools


Alternative Materials for Improvement of Mechanical Performance, Thermal Performance and Mass of Pistol Barrel 


Pembangunan Sistem Maklumat Geografi Cawangan Kem Tentera Darat (Geotd)


Android Designed Malware Issues and Challenges: A Discussion on Detection and Evaluation Techniques


Effect of gamma radiation on micromechanical behavior of SnPb solder alloy


Traceability Approach using Swarm Intelligence for Military Blockchain


Effects of Rainfall Intensities and Aggregate Size On Sediment Concentration and Hydraulic Parameters


Water Level Smart Monitoring System For Atmospheric Water Generator Tank Using Arduino


Application of Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) for Teaching Quality Evaluation at Defence Foundation Centre


Preliminary Studies on Ag2Nb4O11 Ceramics and Investigation on Purity and Thermal Stability of Ag2O Raw Material Used to Synthesis Ag2Nb4O11 Using Thermal and Phase Analysis Method





Application of Ultra-High Frequency Antenna for Partial Discharge Detection in Oil-Filled Power: A Review


Path Finding of Static Indoor Mobile Robot via AOR Iterative method using Harmonic Potentials


Pemantauan Tahap Hingar semasa Operasi Pesawat Sukhoi di No. 11 Skuadron


A Review on Techniques and Challenges in Sentiment Analysis of Student's Comments


Ascertaining the Important of Biomarker and Hyperbaric Medicine in Preventing the Complication of Hypoxia in High Altitude





Production of Biogas from Cow Dung and Chicken Manure using Yeast as Catalyst


Effect of gamma radiation on micromechanical behavior of SnPb solder alloy